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The Mineral Park of Elba Island you can define a park in the park (the National one of the Tuscan Archipelago) created to preserve and enhance what remains of nearly three
thousands of years of culture marked by the iron and the work of man.

With the Mining Park, crossing the picturesque mining sites characterized by
landscapes that resemble the lunar surface, it benefits from a full-sized models of all that the theoretical discussion of specialized texts is not always able to explain clearly.

Our activities, dedicated to both, organized groups (adults and students) and individual visitors, begins with the visit of the museum located in the historic center of
Rio Marina, before moving to the edge of the quaint little train or accompanied by our guides to walks along the paths of mining.

During the visits are made stops to admire and photograph the most beautiful places and to search samples of ore on the spot where mother nature has placed them. In particular, the mining site of Valle Giove, the largest of the mines of Elba, it can give small samples of pyrite and hematite as a souvenir of an unforgettable experience.



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